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Diagnosed incidentally? We want to hear about your experience!

Please share with us!

Were you incidentally diagnosed with endometriosis during a procedure for another condition (e.g. laparoscopy for fibroids, ovarian cysts, etc.)?

  • What type of procedure were you having?

  • Were you surprised to learn you had endo?

  • Were you experiencing symptoms?

  • Anything else to share?

  1. I wasn't diagnosed accidentally, my gynecologist did a laprascopic diagnostic surgery. When I was told that the dr found some endometrial tissue on the outside of my womb, I figured that I would have endometriosis, so I wasn't surprised. I have painful cramps, fatigue, dizziness, brain fog, and nausea. Lemon drops and pedialyte should help with nausea, and Gatorade should help with nausea and dizziness.

    1. Hi thanks for sharing your experience with this community. I’ve never used gatorade for nausea, but I may give it a go since I am currently suffering from it daily. – Jessie (team member)

  2. YES.

    Having ongoing Gi issues that my GI doc said just didn't make sense. Hard to hear that. I am grateful she didn't quit; she said you are obviously in pain and we need answers. She was actually doing a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis for other reasons and found the uterine fibroids; she referred me to genecology who thought my symptoms sounded more endo than fibroids and performed a diagnostic laparoscopy.

    She did find endo. . .but changed her mind that probably my symptoms were just coming from my subserosal fibroids, and thought I should have a hysterectomy. Second opinion doc (certified in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery) thinks despite my clinical findings of fibroids and endo, I mostly need cognitive behavioral therapy and hormones for the rest of my life. Third opinion is pending.

    1. Wow. I don't blame you for getting a third opinion. That's certainly a lot to go through. How are you doing with all of that and more importantly, how are you feeling lately? 💛 Kayleigh, Team

  3. Mostly really tired of the uncertainty. It wears you down.

    1. it definitely does wear you down. I can understand that so much. Dealing with major GI issues now and just had a CT scan. Truly hope it shows something. Anything, that can be helpful at this point. I think a third opinion sounds like a good idea for sure. Until then, I hope you take it easy on yourself. Give yourself grace. I know this is frustrating. Sending you the biggest hugs and good thoughts. We are here for you. SO reach out anytime you need us, ok? 💛 -Kimberli (team member)

  4. Seconding words, it absolutely does wear you down. I thought of you yesterday and this conversation and took a moment to send some focused good healing vibes your way. You have our full support here and I hope you know that if you ever need anything, we're here for you. You have a community of support here! How are you doing today? 💛 Kayleigh, team

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