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Im interested in what triggers endometrious and have a theory

There is no known cause or trigger known for endo.
I have a theory/hypothesis and i will eventually put my theory forward, just not now.
But i want to know if any one with Endo can think of any event that occurred prior to first getting symptom's of it? something with in 2 to 3 years of first getting it.

Reason i give that much time prior to is that the disease seems to need a few years to develop before symptom's, so the actual trigger event was or is maybe upto 3years prior to its symptoms.

is there anything you think intuitionally might have been the trigger? any main event in your life?

dosnt matter what it is you think, embarrassing, silly, personal.. i want to hear, i heard someone on reflection state they thought it was a hormonal acne treatment they had. Really any instinct you might have about it i want to hear it, nothing is out of the realms of possible causes... if you think it was something you ate, i want to hear it.

  1. I always wondered whether it was related to initially taking hormonal contraception, but really odd you mention acne medication as I was on roaccutane a few years ago and I feel like some of my symptoms came with my periods around that time

    1. That would be wild because hormonal contraception is the only solution most doctors have to "cure" it (aka just skip your periods, no period, no pain.... sure) this has been a nightmare for me and not one doctor has ever really given a shit

      1. I feel my endometriosis started when I started developing a more womanly body. Just a few months before I found out I was cursed, when I had been 23 years old for a coupe of months, I had started look differently, older, wider, and gained 30 pounds in a month. I thought I gained a bunch because had an unhealthy diet and stopped running. And I thought I developed a slow metabolism due to my age. I was all told this was me turning into a woman by my peers. Doctors never seemed to care about this information when I told them. Just a month before this, I was 120lbs, just ran a 5k. Now, I could never imagine doing that.

        I will say, once I started my period at 10 years old, I always had the symptoms of cramps and hormonal acne, symptoms that aligned with the PMS diagnosis. Maybe my hormones have been out of wack for so long now I am seeing the long term affects? But I have no family history of endo nor do I experience worse cramps than the women in my family who have been seen by gynecologists in their life. This endo diagnosis has me puzzled honestly. I refuse to believe "it's all normal."

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