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How to treat a blocked fallopian tube?

Based on my recent diagnosis, the doctor found that one of my fallopian tubes is currently blocked and there are signs of endo recurrence. I am due for a laparascopy in 2 months time and the doctor did mention the likelihood of removing one or both fallopian tubes if he found both the be affected by endo. I am now trying to seek any natural treatment as I am also off the pill since I am trying to conceive after just getting married. Due to my age, the doctor also advised to try to get pregnant as soon as possible before things could get worse with not taking the pill and having more endo growth around my reproductive organs and others. Would be interested to now know what remedies some of you may have tried - diet wise- to control and manage inflammation and perhaps unblocking the tubes. Thank you.

  1. thank you for being here and for your comment and question dear warrior. We are so sorry you are dealing with all of this. I will start by saying, of course we are not doctor's so we cannot tell you exactly what to do. Would definitely suggest talking with your doctor or maybe even getting a second opinion. I know it isn't always easy to find another doctor but may be worth it. I personally get so angry when their plan is "get pregnant right away".

    I can share however, my personal experience. I had a blocked fallopian tube as well. Instead of removing it, they were able to flush it out during my laparoscopic surgery.

    As for managing my inflammation, the AIP (anti-inflammatory diet) has been the most successful for me. Of course, I still get inflammation, but I am definitely managing it better than before. Other things I have also added in my routine to help with my inflammation are - Vitamin C, Turmeric, Ginger, Castor Oil and light stretching and walking.

    Of course, every case is different. So, it is definitely important to talk with your doctor about this all. But I would certainly look into another opinion first. If you haven't checked yet, you can check out Nancy's Nook- a FB group- where she lists endometriosis specialists that you can check in your specific location and surrounding areas. A specialist may be more helpful as well with offering advice and help.

    We truly hope you find the relief you need. Know, you are not alone, and this entire community is here for you. Reach out anytime you need to chat or have more questions. Hugs <3 -Kimberli (team member)

    1. thank you very much for your reply and encouragement. Yes, I am very concerned and will get a few more opinions as when the doctor asked me to sign the surgery form, it is with the possibility of removing one or both tubes if they cannot be recovered. And I have not heard about this flushing option yet. So I do hope there are better ways to deal with my situation now. I am having some minor pain where my endo was before and the last laparotomy surgery I had was well over 5 years ago. So, so far I have been managing it well with the pill and diet control but since I got married, I stopped the pill to conceive and now it has recurred probably in a more complicated manner.

      I will try to include the ingredients you mentioned in my diet more often now as I do believe that food plays an important role where no gynae would admit that but it has an influence on managing recurrences. I can see how my change in diet may have also caused higher inflammation as I also started eating red meat, coffee, cheese which are all causing body inflammation. It is a different life certainly once you are married and have different lifestyles to come to a common understanding on these topics. My husband is fully supportive of my treatment plan but that will now mean having separate meals sometimes and not joining him to eat what he loves.

      Thank you again and I will also start some yoga exercises which I have found online that may be helpful too.

      1. of course, here for you warrior! I am so glad you will think about getting some other opinions! I didn't know about the flushing option either until my second surgery with an endometriosis specialist. They had said they were able to see my tube was blocked on an ultrasound and I was thinking, well great, they will have to remove it. But he was able to do a procedure during surgery that flushed it out and opened it back up from being blocked. Of course, this may depend on how badly blocked it is- I don't know if it works the same for everyone. But it was a great option for me. Now how long will my tube stay unblocked? I am not too sure, but we'll see! I was just happy to have them still, for now.

        Ah, I hear you. I have pain in those spots where endometriosis once was as well. While it could be endometriosis has grown back, that pain can also be from adhesions. That is the one negative to surgeries, the possible chance of adhesions growing afterwards. When I stopped my birth control, I did notice my pains got a lot worse as well. And they are absolutely still there, but more controlled now that I am 100% figuring out my diet and supplements, I should be taking to help my body.
        You are so right, and I agree with you. Food does play a big role in all of this. Along with keeping our gut happy and clean. I am learning that hormones and the gut, they are all related in some way and the moment they are out of whack, so many things can pop up. No GYNO will admit that- you are right. It took me working with a functional doctor and holistic health coach to truly learn all of this!

        Oh yes- coffee, cheese, red meat is all big inflammation causes for me. That could be partially some of your inflammation if you have added this all-back in. Of course, everyone is different. But sounds like could be a culprit.

        I am right there with you- my husband can eat just about anything and while he is supportive and tries not to eat my favorite foods in front of me, he still has to eat and live his life too. So, we started getting separate meals for dinner. I cook up what I can have and cook up what he can have. And it works. After a while, I do stop craving the things he has (except cinnamon buns, my goodness I need to find a suitable recipe for me haha). I know it makes things a little bit harder, but you kind of just adapt to it after a while.

        So for me, so far- being dairy free, gluten free, soy free, sugar free (except for natural sugar in like fruits and veggies), free from red meats, caffeine, and taking out some certain spices, condiments + other foods I thought were "healthy" but I actually had an allergy to, has been so helpful! Mixed with walking, meditation and easy, light yoga- it has been SO helpful.

        I hope you start finding some relief in your pain too while you wait for some answers from doctors <3 You got this warrior. Please do not hesitate to message if you need to chat about anything. -Kimberli (team member)

    2. thank you for sharing your experience. I did some further research and I am not trying a few natural remedies starting with curcurmin and dong quai. I have read many stories now of ladies curing this condition naturally and would like to try this option on top of getting further opinions. I am under the impression (here in europe) that there is big business for IVF pathways so doctors are normally keen on getting rid of tubes to go into this direction. I hope not all doctors are like that here and would hope for a more objective opinion. fingers crossed.

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