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How long did it take to her results after laparoscopy?

My doctor suspects I have endometriosis, so I had a laparoscopy a week ago to diagnose, with also a pelvic biopsy. After my surgery I was told nothing. They wouldn’t even tell me if endometriosis was found. All my surgeon did was leave a note saying surgery went well, and post op care recommendations. After surgery the nurses basically told me I have to wait for me post op appointment to hear results. Is this normal? To not even tell me if nothing was found, or if something was. My appointment isn’t until a month after my surgery. I am still In pain, and for nobody to tell me anything is very frustrating. Has anyone else experienced this?

  1. Oh that sounds terribly upsetting. May I ask, in what country are you based? I live in the UK, and after both my surgeries I was given a brief update on what they had found, which would be explained in more detail at the post-op appointment, after I’d recovered. Could you call your surgeon’s secretary and ask for a quick update? It really depends on the protocol followed by each doctor and hospital.

    What I know, is that it is normal for you to be in pain. Post-surgery recovery can take after 6 months, and your body will hurt while it heals. I know it’s not easy, but try to not think too much about the surgery, and focus on resting, and doing what will give you comfort. Don’t rush your recovery. And if something doesn’t feel right, call your doctor.

    I hope this helps. – Jessie (team member)

    1. Thank you so much!!! I appreciate your responses they have helped me so much, during my recovery.

    2. Thanks for your kind words . We are here if you need us. Take good care of yourself – Jessie (team member)

  2. Hi. I have had the same experience as you! I had a laparoscopy and was told nothing by surgeons etc and sent home with paracetamol recommendation! Luckily, I have a supportive GP who could inform me about my op (as the GP later received a letter from hospital). I am still waiting for my post op appointment and had to make 3 calls to the hospital as I think it had been forgotten about. I think this might be due to COVID but it is still frustrating and I hear you!

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