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How long after a diagnostic laparoscopy can you have endo removed

I had a diagnostic laparoscopy done last week and they found mild endo and ovarian cysts.
My surgeon said he wouldn’t remove anything other then tissue to biopsy this time and if endo was found then they would look at removing it another time.

I was just wondering if anyone had experienced this and how long do they normally wait between the diagnosis and then a second laparoscopy to remove the endo.

  1. hi there. Firstly, how are you feeling since your diagnosis last week? Hopefully recovering well. I know how hard an endometriosis diagnosis can feel, so plese know we are here for you if you ever need to chat. I hate your doctor wasn't able to remove any of the endo. That is so frustrating. My first surgery was with a GYN, and he wasn't qualified enough to really remove any either, just give me the diagnosis, so I do understand. I waited a good two years before I decided to go in for another surgery. Of course, everyone is different. So there really isn't a correct answer. I know some people who go in immediately for another surgery, a few months later, a few years later. I think it will all depend on your doctor, the urgency and your healing from the diagnostic surgery.

    You can also look into Nancy's Nook- it is a Facebook group- she has a list of endometriosis specialists that you can look up in your specific area and surrounding areas- they may be able to better assist you as well if your current doctor cannot!

    Please know you are not alone and this entire community is here for you. Reach out anytime you have questions or need to chat. Hoping you get some answers soon and can also find some relief too. Hugs <3 -Kimberli (team member)

    1. Thank you. I’m healing pretty good I think so far and recovery hasn’t been to bad. I think I’m terms of the diagnosis I’m okay struggling a bit with what it might mean but hopeful that at least I have some answers now and it’s not all in my head! I’ll definitely have a look at that group thank you.

      1. so happy to hear you are healing well! It is totally understandable to struggle with the initial diagnosis. It is scary not knowing what is to come. But you are so right, it is also comforting knowing you now have an answer and hopefully maybe can find ways to get relief. We are told for so long our pains and issues are all in our head and we begin to believe that. But you are certainly not alone on this new journey. We are all here like I said, so reach out anytime. Definitely look at that group- hoping you find it helpful. Hugs <3 -Kimberli (team member)

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