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Health professionals not understanding.

I’m having a lot of trouble with health professionals ranging from my doctor to emergency doctors not listening to me when I say that the pain relief they are giving me is not working or enough. They only give me pain relief when I’m on my period however I need something to keep the pain at bay when random pains strike me and interfere with my work life and social life, life in general actually. I sometimes want to break down and cry because I feel like I’m just being sent from one health professional to another and getting nowhere. How do I address this and what are my options? I have tried natural remedies as well as doctors orders.

  1. Oh goodness, dear MissJade. That sounds awful. I'm so sorry you are experiencing that. I know so many in this community can relate to this. Endometriosis is often misdiagnosed and under cared for. I hear you though and my heart is going out to you.

    While we cannot give medical advice on this site as we are not medical professionals, I can recommend you try searching for a specialist in endometriosis in or around your area for starters. I would also start keeping a detailed pain/symptom diary to show your doctors when they ask about your pain. I'm including an article we have called "When Your Doctor Doesn't Believe You" that also gives more insight and suggestions. I really hope it helps MissJade.

    Thinking of you and wishing you a low pain day. Warmly, Kayleigh,

    1. I am so sorry you are dealing with that struggle. But it is one I understand and know all too well. It is frustrating and exhausting. Unfortunately, I think to keep fighting until a doctor will listen to you, is one of the best things you can try to do. Definitely check out Nancy's Nook to see if there are any specialists in your area or surrounding area (if you haven't checked yet). Kayleigh also left you a great article to read as well. Again, so sorry you are dealing with this. Hoping you do find someone who will listen and help. And that you will start feeling some relief soon. Hugs. Reach out anytime you need to chat (or vent). -Kimberli (team member)

      1. I'd ask them what they can do for chronic pain. Pain over 3 months is considered chronic, and I bet you a million bucks you are hurting every day but usually it is at your "I can work through this" range and you smush it and ignore it. There are medications designed to help people with chronic pain; I have been doing better since they put me on Gabapentin, but it did take a couple weeks for it to really do it's thing.

        I think they are hesitant about people they perceive as seeking pain meds for excruciating pain, with the abuse of opioids. But talking about controlling chronic pain seems like it sometimes opens up a new conversation.

        1. This is so true - the "I can work through this" range. Unfortunately, we are just so used to being able to work through it and no one should have to think "I can work through this." I am including an article that touches on what you mentioned about abusing opioids and the stigma behind that.

          Were you able to get any help over the last month with your pain? How are you feeling these days?

          By the way, I love the support and show of love in this community!💛-Kayleigh, Team

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