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Has Visanne worsened constipation for anyone?

I have recently returned to an ONGYN for recurring endo symptoms, worsening abdominal pain and constipation, and ongoing pain with urination). An ultrasound and CT found a new cyst on my ovary, but it's not especially large. She prescribed Visanne, which I am open to, and she warned me to expect potentially worsening symptoms for the first few months, and asked me to try to stick it out for at least 4 months.

When I picked it up the pharmacist mentioned that constipation is one of the side effects, and the thought of worsening constipation somehow feels almost unbearable. My diet is so limited, and I feel like everything I have tried for the last few years falls into either no bowel movements for days, or constant diarrhea. I eat an anti-inflammatory high fibre endo diet, I exercise, I do yoga and have seen a pelvic physio, all of which helped for a long time, but the last few years it is just getting worse (maybe because of peri-menopause? I don't know, I'm 45).

I was diagnosed with endo 25 years ago, and went through multiple ablation and cystectomy surgeries as well as using heavy opiates to manage pain. I was finally able to have children, and then had a partial hysterectomy, leaving my ovaries in but removing the fallopian tubes. My last surgeon told me there were endometriomas on my bladder and bowel, but recommended against excision at the time, given the risk, and suggested we see how the partial hysterectomy addressed the pain. It was great for many years, still ached to pee, but generally so much better everything seemed manageable. Now trying to get back into the system and be believed that the steadily worsening pain and constipation is a. a problem and b. not something I can manage with the lifestyle tips I have found on my own, because no GYN ever talks about anything other than hormones, pain meds, and surgery. The pain is exhausting, and because I have no periods, it is difficult to predict my cycle and plan around it as I used to, so I am struggling to be a reliable worker and parent.

I'm scared to start the Visanne, but also think there might not be any other treatment options except excision surgery. I won't see the GYN again for 5 months. I could really use some stories from people who have taken Visanne to give me the courage to try.

  1. Hey , thanks for sharing your story! It's so frustrating having to convince your healthcare providers to believe you when you say your pain is intolerable. Plus, the lack of helpful information must feel really discouraging. I don't have personal experience with taking Visanne, but perhaps you'd like to check out this forum page where other community members are discussing their experiences with it: Hopefully, you'll find some helpful information there!
    . Please keep us posted on your decision. We'd love to hear how you're doing. Sending positive thoughts. - Kat ( Team)

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