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Had my consultation. I feel unsure. Advice?

So I had my consultation with the surgeon. Here are some things that concerned me.

He seemed very rushy.

He said he does vaporization and zaps the endo? I forget the word he used. He said it wasn’t exactly ablation.

He would make two cuts and won’t have a video but will take photos.

He said he will check my organs and uterus and bladder did not mention bowels. He said if it’s bad in my bladder a urologist will have to take it out at a later time.

He said diagnosing endo at early stages can be really tricky. This is what I’m afraid being missed if I do have it!

He said most people need 2 to 3 surgeries through out their life.

He said the chances of pain coming back different from person to person.

He mentioned Lupron a few times. I do not want to do that!

But he did say he did thousands of laparoscopies.

I asked what other conditions it could be and he mentioned IBS or IC (I think I have IC) then mentioned how some women are really sensitive to pain and periods...but I wasn’t always like this the chronic pelvic pain started over a year ago. Granted I always had painful periods but I’m in pain all day every day besides a random day or two out of the month

He also said women feel better when they are pregnant or after metopause but isn’t that a myth???

My surgery is scheduled for September. Advice?

  1. Dear there is nothing wrong with seeking a second or a third, or how many opinions you need until you are comfortable with going ahead with any surgery. You want to be able to ask as many questions as you need, and not feel rushed. That being said, some specialists are so popular, their initial consultations are fast… I’ve had some of those.

    When I finally found the specialist I trusted to perform my surgery, it was one that gave me enough time to ask any questions and discuss any doubts I had.

    Regarding the number of surgeries one has… this is really subjective. Some have just one, others several.

    Currently no surgery cures endometriosis, although it can make most symptoms go away. Wether they return or not, I agree it truly depends on each person. Pregnancy tends to put symptoms on hold, but they can return after breastfeeding, so again, not a cure. Many patients experience some relief with their menopause, others don’t.

    You certainly shouldn’t do anything you’re not comfortable with, like say, taking Lupron. It isn’t for everyone. Just because a doctor favours a certain line of treatment, it doesn’t mean it’s for you.

    I’d say, give yourself time to think about this surgery. See whether speaking to a different specialist could make you feel better. Would this be possible for you? If you don’t know where/how to find a different surgeon/specialist, check out Nancy’s Nook on Facebook. It is a very useful resource and it has tons of information.

    I hope I’ve been helpful. If you have further questions or doubts, don’t hesitate in letting us know. We can chat about this for as long as you need, OK?

    I am sending you a huge hug – Jessie (team member)

    1. Thank you so much! I found a nook specialist about 2 hours from me and I think I want to try and see him. He does excisions and there is more information about him than the current doctor I saw. I think I would feel more comfortable with him doing it just in case I do have endo (because I would prefer excisions than ablation)

      The other one I saw mentioned I could have a bladder condition which is possible so I have to see a urologist so I will rule that out first. However it does definitely feel like I am having trouble with my uterus/ovaries as well unfortunately.

    2. Hi there , we are happy to hear you found a nook specialist! Have you been able to get in to see him since your last post? And have you seen a urologist yet? I am going this month to see one, but sort of feel I will leave with probably no real answers. So I am already stressed about it! Hope you are doing well though and have been able to get answers and relief! Hugs. -Kimberli (Team Member)

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