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First Laparoscopic Surgery in 3 Weeks

I'm scheduled for my first surgery on December 1st. I'm 22 and have been dealing with pain and symptoms that seem to be related to endometriosis for as long as I can remember since starting my first period, but seems to have gotten significantly worse in the past year. Every medical professional I've ever talked to about my issues and the ER doctors and nurses have all said it sounds like endometriosis. I finally went through the process with my PP to do all the non invasive tests and she referred me out to a gynecologist. My first appointment with her was on Tuesday. I had typed out a list of things I feel every day that are impacting my life, a full page worth, and gave it to the nurse. It took a while for Dr. Trulock to come in, but once she did, she thanked me for putting all my symptoms in a nice, easy to read format and told me my PP Dr. Keese, had already sent over 26 pages worth of documentation and notes as well. She immediately said it looks like endometriosis, from my symptoms and prior tests. She validated my feelings that something is wrong. This is one of the first times I've had someone take me seriously when I said that my quality of life was severely decreased by this invisible illness that no blood work, or ultrasounds could detect. I've got 18 days until the big day, however I'm so nervous that they'll go in and find nothing or they'll find too much and I'll need to have surgery again. I've read up on everything I can find, medical reports and personal accounts, and I know that can be a bad thing. However, anytime I read through anything to do with endometriosis, almost every symptom matches what I feel regularly. I need answers and a diagnosis to make me feel like I'm not crazy when I say that I am constantly in pain, fatigued, and shaky.

  1. Hi . Thank you for sharing a little bit of your story. So sorry to hear you have been dealing with such pain for so long 🙁 It sure does sound like you have some great doctors though lined up to help you. I know the feeling leading up to surgery of being nervous they will find nothing. You know your body though. If you feel something is wrong, than this is a good direction you are heading in. Like you said, you need and deserve answers. So many of us have been taught we are crazy and these pains are normal. And it saddens me. I truly hope your surgery goes well and that they are not only able to give you answers, but also help you find some relief as well. Stay strong and be easy on yourself leading up to the big day. And do know, we are here for you. So reach out if you have any questions before hand and certainly keep us posted afterwards if you can! Sending you big hugs and good thoughts. You got this warrior <3 -Kimberli (Team Member)

    1. Thank you. I'm going to my pre-operation doctors appointment in an hour and I feel like I have so many questions to ask, but will forget them or be too nervous to ask once I'm there. I found this website and have been reading other people's experiences to help with the nerves and keep a realistic outlook at what this can/will do for my life.

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