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Endometriosis Flares

What kind of symptoms do you typically experience when you have a flare-up?

How do you handle your flares? Is there anything that helps you feel more comfortable during a flare?

  1. Hi! here are some off the top of my head:
    - My heating pad is my best friend and one that I have 2 backups for because I basically use it 24/7.
    - TENS unit. It's a hit or miss because at times is causes me additional pains.
    - Medical marijuana vape pen. Doesn't really help but takes the edge off a tiny bit.
    - Nausea meds
    - Suppositories (Vaginal & Rectal) for pelvic pains. Ketamine or Diazepam-Baclofen or Gabapentin.
    - Warm bath if you can tolerate it. It makes me really nauseous.
    - Lidocaine patches (didn't help me but I know it helps others)

    1. thanks for sharing! Like you, I'm atatched to my heating pad 24/7, and I use it a lot for my lower back and leg pain. The TENS unit works fantastically well for me, but it's tricky to use when my body is in a lot of pain, even applying the sticky pads can be super painful, since my skin feels like screaming. It's interesting that isn't it?

      For my nausea, CBD oil (in drops, under my tongue) has worked wonders. Have you tried it? - Jessa F (moderator)

    2. Over the years I've tried all types of CBD oil and capsules but unfortunately nothing worked so I stopped wasting my money on them haha.

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