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Complimentary or Alternative Treatments

Has anyone tried any Complimentary or Alternative Coping Strategies to help manage your Endometriosis symptoms? What did you try? What was your outcome? Did it work?

  1. I've used acupuncture for the shooting pains I get on my legs, and it has helped a lot. It hasn't done much for abdominal pain, though.
    For the migraines I get before and during my period, CBD oil has worked really well. - Jessie (team member)

    1. I just started meditation through an iphone app. There are a lot of them to pick from. Well it's actually more than that - it's also an app that specializes in helping you reduce your chronic pain levels by "reprogramming" how your brain perceives it. I thought it was pretty hokey until I actually got it (it does cost$). There are lots of writing exercises and educational talks you can listen to. I figure I've tried everything else why not?

      1. Hey Sophie, I've also tried a few meditation apps like that but I've noticed they end up costing money! But I agree, why not try them anyway. Have you tried Headspace? I think that one was one of my favorites! Hope you're feeling well today! 😀 -Fela (Team Member)

      2. Hi ! Thanks for sharing with us. How have you been? I absolutely love meditation. It is something I added into my daily routine a few years ago. I thought it was hokey at first too until I actually started doing it all. SO helpful. Hope you are doing well. -Kimberli (Team Member)

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