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Anyone else try Bladderwrack..?

I’m 42 and have had endo for 8 years. The pain in the past two years has skyrocketed to extreme bloating and excruciating levels, difficulty urinating and going to the bathroom, pain with walking or any activity, for 2-3 days in the middle of my period. I tried progesterone and that was a disaster- BP went sky high and the following period was unbearable. I was researching a radical hysterectomy. Then I read a small study from ‘04 and tried Bladderwrack once a day for 4 days mid cycle (started 10 days after first day of period), also kept my previous routine of ibuprofen as soon as I started spotting but this time in lower doses (I blacked out last month and don’t know if it was from the endo pain or too much ibuprofen.) Also added a bunch of flax seed to my diet the week before.
SO. Last period? ZERO BLOAT AND ZERO PAIN. Period was a bit heavier but also ended sooner. I literally cried with relief, I mean I know I have to try the same routine again next month to see if it works, but has anyone else had any lasting success with this??

  1. wow! You have certainly been through a lot dear warrior. Endometriosis is certainly no joke. I have actually never heard of Bladderwrack before and now I am super intrigued. I am so happy to hear it seemed like it did help your last period! Fingers crossed it helps your next one too and becomes a useful remedy! Please keep us posted on how it goes. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I definitely will be looking into it myself! Hugs to you. -Kimberli ( team member)

    1. I am on my third month of Bladderwrack use- still no endo belly bloat and debilitating cramping, minimal use of ibuprofen. Only issue is for whatever reason I’ve had two periods this month (neither involved the swollen tender abdomen, difficulty urinating etc.) Really wish they’d do more ACTUAL studies on Bladderwrack and endo!

      1. I'm so sorry that you've been dealing with the terrible pain. Thanks so much for sharing this information--super interesting! I found the study, if anyone else wants to read it:
        It seems that bladderwrack and other types of brown kelp cause lower estrogen levels. In this case, the participants also had higher progesterone levels after taking the supplement. There were only 3 people in the study, so it definitely would be great to have more data. They do say that 2 of them had been diagnosed with endo and did report less pain both during and between periods.
        Please let us know how things go for you next cycle! -Audrey ( team)

        1. Thank you for your reply. I will continue to post my progress on here, if it helps even one woman it’s worth it.
          Do you have any input / suggestions on when it might be best in the cycle for me to add 3-4 days of Bladderwrack? Right now I’m taking it for 3-4 days starting 10 days after first day of my period. I can’t take it constantly, makes my BP go up, which is consistent with what the oral progesterone did when my doctor tried me on that. I mean I’m THRILLED the debilitating symptoms have subsided- but really don’t want to be triggering two periods a month. My cycles have always been clockwork regular, even as I’ve gotten older, so I know it’s the supplement doing it…. Also, I understand any info is hypothetical and take any responsibility for what I take when. Just looking for a more advanced mind to consider. Any time taken in response is appreciated!
          Best Regards

          1. It absolutely does help others and is so worth it- to share your story and progress <3 I am not sure about the Bladderwrack, I will let Audrey answer that. But I do hope you get some answers and also can figure out what works the absolute best for you! Hugs and good thoughts being sent as always dear warrior <3 -Kimberli ( team member)

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