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Besides an OB/GYN, what kinds of doctors have helped you the most with your symptoms?

Endometriosis can cause body-wide symptoms, but there’s no single doctor who can treat all of these issues. People with endo often end up seeing many specialists to find relief.

An endometriosis care team may include a range of health care professionals, including a regular doctor, OB/GYN, endometriosis specialist, physical therapist, gastroenterologist, dietitian, chiropractor, endocrinologist, allergist, urogynecologist, and more.

What kind of doctors have you seen? And which ones have been the most helpful for symptom relief?

  1. issues

    1. , pelvic physio has been the most effective for me. I often get caught in a gastro/endo pain loop and physio has really helped me regulate the IBS symptoms and in turn, lessen the endo pain.

      1. Pelvic floor therapy has been so helpful for me, too! And I know exactly what you mean by the gastro/endo pain loop. I'm so glad to hear something has helped you with both! - Keri (moderator)

      2. So glad you have found that to be helpful for your pains! Thank you for sharing with us and being a part of the community. We hope you are having a great week 😀 -Kimberli (advocate)

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