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Had Surgery for Endometriosis and my Sex Life Has Majorly Changed

This is a difficult topic to discuss for many. I had surgery in September of 2018 for endometriosis. Sex was VERY painful before my surgery which is why I went for it.

After 3-6 months, I started to feel normal. Sex kind of resumed but then things got weird. I completely lacked the desire for it at all.

Has anyone else experienced this or any other weird things post surgery? How do you deal with it? My partner understands but I feel bad. Has anyone tried vitamins or anything? I'm pretty much at a loss and I want my life to go back to normal.

  1. Yes, absolutely. I had a presacral neurectomy a few years back. I always suffered with painful sex. But after that surgery, I lost all sensation in good places and the pain increased in the bad places. I have had many laporoscopies since and the sex issues remain. I personally feel that on top of being damaged surgically and suffering with an incurable disease being impactful on my sex life, so are my hormones and my emotional state. Some of it may be psychosomatic. Where I am already convinced sex will be too painful which makes my whole system freak and panic...making it tough to be willing to even try a lil penetration. For a very long time now, I only had sex for my partner and not for me. I would let them do what they wanted, I pretended I wasn't in utter agony and should have been awarded an Oscar for my acting skills. No need to also alienate or shock his system just because mine is crap, right? Recently, though...I started looking deeply into alternative medicine for my plight. Natural substances which are easy to acquire and could maybe help me get a bit closer to "normal" overall . I started looking not only at pain relief, but also ways to increase my dopamine production. I came upon something called mucuna pruriens, the "velvet bean". I ordered some online and began taking it regularly. I started to notice my daily fatigue had lessened, I was more motivated to do things, my patience was much stronger with things that would usually deeply frustrate me, I took better care of myself and felt more motivated. What's more, I became a bit more sexually motivated than I had been previously. I feel the desire for it assisted me in not completely feeling/coping with pain with sex. I'm not saying it's a cure or a miracle. But, it helped me on many levels and is worth trying. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope things improve for you. Be strong.

    1. Hi there . You certainly are not alone in feeling this way. Painful sex is something so many of us deal with. It is so frustrating I know. Before I had my surgery, I experienced so much pain. After surgery it felt ok and then a few months later was back to square one. A lot of it has to do with me. Before it even happens, I tell myself it will hurt and not be enjoyable. So that definitely doesn't help ever putting me in the mood. I also know my hormones are all off, and that is not helping with sex drive either. I am not sure if you read these articles yet, but here are a few I thought may be helpful. Some suggestions on how to help with painful sex.
      Hoping these are helpful. Please reach out whenever you need to chat. Keep your head up warrior <3 -Kimberli ( team member)

      1. , thank you so much for sharing this all with us. So happy to hear you did end up finding something that somewhat helps you! I will definitely have to check out this velvet bean! Hope you are doing well and that you have a great week ahead. -Kimberli (Team Member)

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