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Abdominal & Bowel Adhesions

I have suspected that I have had endometriosis since I was 16. I am now 29. I have been having severe right lower quadrant pain. My OBGYN finally decided it was time for a laparoscopic procedure. They removed a cyst and endometrial tissue on the left side. She told me they were unable to do anything about the right, due to abdominal and bowel adhesions. My appendix also had adhesions.

She is referring me to a general surgeon. Does anyone have experience with this?

  1. I'm sorry to hear that it's that severe. Mine was not to that stage when I had surgery. However, a friend of mine has endometriosis that is that severe. The surgeon she saw said it was too risky to do surgery on her bowels and referred her to a pain management specialist.

    1. Thank you for sharing with us ! We hope your friend is doing well. And we hope you are doing well too! Sending hugs <3 -Kimberli (Team Member)

  2. Very sorry to hear of your issues. I have bowel Endometriosis as well. I did my surgery with Dr Sinervo in Atlanta, GA. He partners with a GI surgeon to address the bowel since GYNs don't do it. Not sure where you live or if that's an option but maybe worth looking into. His practice is called Center for Endometriosis Care. There is a lot of good information on their site.

    1. Thank you for sharing dear . And for being a great advocate and part of this community! I have heard great things about doctor S! How are you doing? -Kimberli ( team member)

  3. Hello I’m thinking that the best line of action for you would be to speak to an endometriosis specialist. They should be able to help you regarding the adhesions on the right side of your body. Would this be possible for you? To locate a specialist near you, I recommend searching for Nancy’s Nook on Facebook. I hope you can find some relief soon, I am sorry you’re having to suffer through all of this. Do let us know if you have any further questions or doubts – Jessie (team member)

    1. Hi . So very sorry of the pain you are experiencing and dealing with. I have that horrible right said pain as well. I had excision surgery with an endo specialist a few months ago and he did indeed see some endometriosis around my bowels, and was able to remove it. Like Jessie said above, I definitely recommend your next steps be looking for an endometriosis specialist, before seeing a general surgeon! It may end up being you do have a general surgeon there as well though if you have another surgery done. I did because I also had hernias! So the endo specialist and general surgeon worked together. Nancy's Nook is a great place to start, to look for a specialist, again like Jessie noted above! Hoping you can find some answers and relief. Do keep us posted on how everything goes. And know, we are always here for you <3 -Kimberli (Team Member)

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