Endo for 30yrs+

Thank you, brave women.

First of all, I’ve had pain for as long as I can remember. I’ve had several surgeries and spells of excruciating pain. Cysts are very common for me, I do not go to the hospital. I have ultrasounds that confirm the cysts. I typically have two very bad cysts a year. If you’ve had this for any spell of time, you aren’t surprised to read this. If you are new to this diagnosis, buckle in and find the beauty in things with a very different perspective. You will see life as an asexual person for a great deal of time. Your worth as a human is in your victory and you can more easily let go of the ridiculous cultural expectation that women are sexual objects.

I was in pain all of the time

Since we are talking of 30 years of Endo, the first several doctors I went to as a young woman either didn’t believe that I had pain, or suggested my pain in the psychological. Endo wasn’t a known thing, and when it was known it wasn’t well understood. You can’t wish away endo. I finally went to a good doctor and told her I was in pain all the time. Even going to the bathroom felt like broken glass going through me. I had surgery when I was 35 and after six months, I felt better. I’d get worse, and have surgery. A hysterectomy doesn’t cure endo, so I won’t have one until I am in menopause. I have a few more years to go.

Fast forward to today

Today, I have an IUD and take hormones to slow lesions. I still have a lot of pain but I can work and manage it. I’ve had a couple divorces. I am in a relationship.

The toll on relationships is very hard and endo is a major factor in problems. If you choose to be in a relationship, make it very clear the pain you experience. And know, it is okay to be single.

Endo makes you incredibly strong and uniquely independent. Be good and gentle to yourselves.

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