Endometriosis Sucks

16 years of pain is too many. Years filled with invalidation and dismissal. “It’s all in your head.” “Abby, you’re just sensitive.” “Everyone else has a period and they’ve learned to manage.” The emotional damage wasn’t even just from doctors, but also my parents, my peers, my coworkers, and friends.

Hours spent in writhing pain, sprawled on the bathroom floor from rectouterine spasms. That is the most intense my pain ever gets, but it doesn’t stop there. There’s also the usual heavy, excessive bleeding that comes with endo. Along with debilitating, uncontrollable cramps. Intense pain and spasms with every bowel movement. (and NOT just when I’m on my period.) The endometriomas I just had removed got to the point where for the last 3-4 years my pelvis was constantly throbbing. Not just when ovulating or menstruating. I had excision surgery a couple of weeks ago and I’m hoping for some physical relief once I heal. Finally. I could say so much more, but in summary, Endo sucks.

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