I'm struggling with pain.

Last updated: August 2019

I always knew something was wrong. I'm 24 now (no children ). Growing up I had the worst pain 3 weeks out of the month, if not the entire month. I had tried asking a doctor about it and was given an amped up midol. It didn't help of course. My mom cut my health insurance off as soon as I turned 18 so I had to deal with it on my own until I could afford it myself later on. I worked at a hospital as a tech and saw how wonderful one of the obgyn doctors were.

I started seeing her and told her about all the pain and issues I had. She was very reluctant to officially call it endo ( even though I have a family history of it) until after several medications and surgery later. She found some scarring, but was too minimal to do anything. I still have daily issues and it's hard to explain to people how it affects my life. I have had days where the pain was so bad I would have to leave work because I couldn't walk. I have had to pass up new positions at work I would enjoy more because I'm scared it would be too much on my body to stand that long. I have been referred to a urologist and a gi doctor to try to help with those related symptoms. The urologist wouldn't touch me until after I have children. The Gi doctor has taken me off gabapentin, the only medication that has helped ease the pain up to a mostly tolerable level, to try a different nerve medication that didn't work. I am just now weaned off of that medication, but he won't put me back on my gabapentin so I've been feeling a lot more of my pain again.

I feel like I am back at step one with my pain levels. Thankfully my obgyn has me on aygestin and that has helped me more than anything since my periods were crippling. I just want to get into something that will help make daily life more achievable for me. I have my whole life ahead of me and I can't even enjoy it.

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