These Scars Tell A Story

Menarche arrived at age 11 for me. In the years to follow, I’d suffer from excruciating menstrual cycles that left me feeling so sick that I would miss school due to cramps and, as an adult, work as well. I thought the period pain I had was normal. Excruciating pain to the point of missing school and work is not normal.

Finally, an ER visit led to surgery

Fast forward to March 2019. After years of unexplained extreme pain and other symptoms, I received a referral from an ER doctor for a specific gynecologist and was diagnosed with endometriosis via excision surgery.

We need endo awareness, especially in communities of color

I now have four, small scars on my abdomen that remind me of my strength and resilience. My aim is to bring further awareness to endometriosis and menstrual health education, and the role of pelvic floor physical therapy and more, especially in communities of color. The goal is to educate, build connections, and inspire the next generation.
Happy Endometriosis Awareness Month (March)!

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