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Last updated: March 2019

Like any first day of school or work, introductions must be made. My name is Anna Riley. I am 34 years old. Married to my best friend and knight in rusted armor (I say this because he has been a man of action these 5 years together!) I am 1 cat shy of a crazy cat lady. (We have 2). We are hoping to have children one day. I found out I had a “touch of endo” at 16. I had no idea what that meant, nor the journey it would be. I went on to have a normal life outside of spending time in a hospital, and urologist office for 8 yrs when I almost died with a chronic kidney disease. I am thankful to be past that now.

My 1st real bout with my endometriosis and first real diagnosis came at 28 when I had to have an emergency surgery to remove my right ovary due to a cyst and some growth on my uterus and Fallopian tube. The doctor that saved my life and reproductive system is now my current doctor I was put on BC/Depo to stop my period for 2 years till we were ready to try for kids, but as you know that’s added 70lbs to my life.

Skip ahead to this July when I thought we were successful but I had odd bleeding again. So my doctor immediately makes me come in, does an ultrasound and she finds what looks like fluid in my Fallopian tube that was left on my right so I can have normal estrogen levels. She scheduled me to have an operation a few weeks later, and to all of our surprise finds out that I had goo on the Fallopian tube and that was it. In the week prior to surgery, it came as a scare I was going to lose my Endo battle. That I was not going to be able to try and get pregnant. (We’ve only been trying on and off for 8 months now). But by the grace of god and after making him a promise on that operating bed, I get to continue to try and pay him back. It’s been a long rough road. It’s called some anxiety, but I believe I am learning a new road, I went to see an acupuncturist who changed my diet and I am struggling to stick to (no soy, dairy, gluten, processed foods) I believe it will help me feel better and I pray I conceive. I don’t like sharing my business with others, but I found if I can help one person or if we can inspire each other it’s worth airing my business. ❤️

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