Sitting for Exams with Endometriosis Pain

My name is Emma Claire and I passed my exams while being diagnosed with endometriosis. A year later, I wonder how it all happened the way it did and how I got through it.

Pain landed me in the hospital during exams

It was around my birthday and I was in pain. No idea with what. At the time, I thought it was all in my head. Gradually, I realized I was not going crazy. There was something wrong. I was about to sit my graphic design exams at the time when I was allowed to go into the hospital during the time of COVID.

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A cyst burst

I was in severe pain at this time. I have had a high pain tolerance since I was young. That's how I knew something was really wrong. There had been speculation that it could be symptoms of IBS, but now, a year later, I know that was never the case. I had a 5mm cyst inside of me which burst not long after the endometriosis diagnosis. I knew I was getting sick because food has always been something. I don't go without. My stomach was not having any of it and it became worse over time.

Relieved to have a diagnosis

It's interesting to know now that, over the last few months, there really was something going on, that wasn't all just a thought in the background. Endometriosis has been an interesting battle and the cyst was something else. After all the abnormal signs, having some clarification that it was endometriosis after all has been a different story.

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