My Endo Journey

Last updated: March 2022

I was 22 when I was actually diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis. I had large endometriomas deep into my bowels and ovaries. I had an exploratory laparoscopic which confirmed deep endometriosis and fallopian tubes in bad shape.

My first surgery

Had my first surgery and removed a fallopian tube and many endometriomas. We tried birth controls and lupron and depot and norethindrone and many other medications during this time to see what could work. Not much helped with the pain.

Where I am today

Eventually had another surgery removing half of my ovary and crushing my dreams and the rest of my fallopian Tubes. I was on Orilissa. Things were going well then my insurance decided I could not be on this med anymore. I had another surgery to remove the rest of my ovary and large endometriomas. Now on lupron again and going back through meds I was already on since insurance won't approve Orilissa again.

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