My life with endo

Last updated: August 2019

So I’m new to the group, my whole family (women) have all had hysterectomies before age 32 due to endometriosis. I’ve always struggled from terrible periods and a few miscarriages before my final child and then my tubes tied (only born with one ovary).

I’ve tried almost everything my doctor has prescribed out there. After my tubes were tied, I was finally diagnosed after laparoscopy to remove what was thought to be polys and see if I truly had endo. They couldn’t remove it all because it was too much on my ovary and in uterus. I tried orlissa and that didn’t work and gave me terrible side effects. I have severe migraines with auras and stroke risk due to my family history plus my migraine auras. So now to start lupron shots and progesterone. I’m already on antidepressants because of being a mother of 3 at 26, my body only allows me one good week a month without bleeding, recovering from low iron or ovulating with terrible pain.

I would love opinions on what to do. My doctor wants to try the shot before the final resort but I don’t think my depression and self esteem could handle putting on weight, let alone that it seems like a bandaid to a bigger wound.

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