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It’s Me Against My Endometriosis

I’ve had 12 years taken away from me by stage 4 endometriosis. I had a hysterectomy yesterday and am feeling a little down so I just wanted to share what was on my mind. Recovery is tough, but I’m strong. Never gave up looking for a doctor to help me, and finally by my 5th OBGYN, I’ve seen she helped me. Here’s a little poem for women who have had to get a hysterectomy due to endometriosis.

Never give up
Be a voice not an echo❤️❤️
It’s me against my endometriosis
What if you just get pregnant?
You're too young to have your lady’s parts removed
It might just all be in your head or it’s just a really bad period
What if you regret it or find a husband someday?
I asked the doctors whose life are you even trying to save??
It’s me against me against
My endometriosis
It’s me against my pelvis and my uterus
There’s life to live
Life after endometriosis
Life is beautiful… without endometriosis
Without my uterus
Life is beautiful
Without endometriosis
Let’s try these hormones
You’ll probably gain 50 pounds
Let’s put you on a diet; after all the weight you gained from the treatments the doctors put you on
Endo sneaks back and hits you like a brick it takes, and it takes it doesn't care how much medication you take
It’s me against, me against my endometriosis
It’s me against my throbbing ovaries and my cysts
There’s life to live
Life after endometriosis
There’s a new life for me with it without my ovaries
Life is beautiful without endometriosis
Yes, life is beautiful, you're still a powerful, strong woman without a uterus
Yes life is beautiful without endometriosis ❤️

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