My Story

Hi I have had endometriosis and cystic fibroids since the age of 13, when I first started my period. I am now 53 and still getting periods, now every 2 weeks and am sometimes in excruciating pain and have overdosed a few times with pain killers.

Nothing worked

My doctor has given me every type of contraceptive as well as every type of pain killer. The contraceptives did not work and the pain killers only worked for a limited period of time. I recently had an appointment to have a coil fitted, but after three attempts, was in so much pain, that I just could not go through with it. I have taken so many pain killers that at one point I was vomiting out blood.

Natural therapies

I have tried various natural remedies and one thing that I have found that does work, that I saw online, was to rub pure caster oil on your stomach, wherever it is hurting. That and a hot water bottle was really helpful. I am now looking to change my diet. I have been reading all the great diet articles on here. Sending a big hug to you all. This is such a brilliant idea as you sometimes feel so alone with this.

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