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Endo Surprise

Not initially diagnosed, however after a laparoscopy in 2017 to remove large bilateral cysts & ovarian cysts, spots of endometriosis were present, but no treatment was suggested.

A decision was made

In 2021 I was back at a Gynae for severe pain, heavy bleeding, bloating, etc. After discussing & agreeing with a Gynecologist who failed to understand, spoke over me, and ignored everything but his voice, a hysterectomy was decided. I was 48 yrs old, possibly perimenopausal, and "didn't need the ovaries or uterus," according to him so a total abdominal "hysterectomy" was done during which the endometriosis was "discovered" and scooped out for 2 hours.

A hysterectomy that never seemed to happened

A painful month-long recovery only led to have a period months after. No proper follow-ups or medication was prescribed. I was shocked months later when I was examined by another doctor to be told that nothing was removed. No hysterectomy was performed. Just a "clearing out" of the endometriosis. Today I'm back to square one with the endometriosis starting again.

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