I had this dream of being a Rockette someday. I danced for 12 years, struggled through the pain, pushed myself through the judgment of others; "It's just cramps. We all get them." "You're exaggerating." "She's such a hypochondriac." It wasn't until I had a grapefruit-sized cyst that people started taking me seriously. They tried the ol' "take the pill" trick. This sucker wasn't going down without a fight. They performed the laparoscopy.

That's when they found Endometriosis. That's when I lost my ovary. That's when life changed. After my surgery my periods got worse, but even the surgeon came back with "just phantom pains." They said they "got it all. It's not coming back." But I was getting so sick every period. The pain knocked me off my feet.

So, I bought books. Did research. Went to multiple doctors. Don't stop advocating for yourself. Don't stop looking for a doctor until you find the right one. Endometriosis might detour your life, but you can get back on track! Don't let it own you.

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