Negatives and Positives of Pushing through Hard Days

We all have done it before, at least once. We put a smile on and push through the day, even if we are in excruciating pain. Most days, I am guilty of doing this. Sometimes I don't even realize I am doing it. And if I am being honest, some days, I don't even know if I am truly happy or just pushing through. It all has become the same to me. Like a movie, where I wake up every single day and it is the exact same thing as the day before.

Whether you have endometriosis or are dealing with something other, it is no joke. It sure does make life seem a lot more hard to deal with.  But, the amount of things I do in a day makes me feel like Super Woman. I sometimes wonder if I just have a high pain tolerance, or if I have trained myself well on how to just push on through. I have found, either way, there are some negatives and positives to pushing through my harder days. It is both a blessing and a curse, being able to fully function on days where I really just want to curl up and sleep.

Negatives to pushing through hard days

Some days, when I truly don't feel well but push through, it makes it harder for others to understand. This means work will give me more work to do. People will ask for things without even thinking if I can fulfill what they need. Acting like I am ok most days also makes others think I am 'better' or healed. They may forget I even have a chronic illness to begin with. So when a day comes where I truly cannot do anything, people question and wonder why I don't feel well - leaving me to look hysterical or dramatic.

Pushing through hard days, especially while at a doctors appointment, can also come with negatives. If you seem happy and cheerful, doctors may wonder what you are really doing there. They may not believe your pain level is 10. They may think you are imagining not feeling well because you look fine and have a smile on. This can lead to being misdiagnosed or refused proper treatment. Sometimes, pretending too much leads me down a dark path of depression. Because in reality, I am hurting and I am not really 'ok'. Pushing through can also make me feel like a fraud.

Positives to pushing through hard days

But where there are negatives, there are also positives. Pushing through hard days with a smile makes me forget for a second I do have a chronic illness. It makes me feel hopeful that there will be a day where I truly do feel better. Pushing through has helped me take care of things around the house, take care of our animals, cook dinners, enjoy time with my husband. In fact, even on those really hard days, when I push through it, I always get the most work done. It is nice having the ability to push through because I never take a day off from work. It keeps me away from medications and pain killers. For me, this is big. I have also found that doing my best to get through hard days has limited doctors appointments, which in return, saves me money. Those days I push through, I almost feel normal. Sometimes pushing through really does help me feel more positive. I have dance parties, I laugh more, and feel so strong for getting through whatever it is hurting me or bothering me that day.

There are definitely many negatives and positives to pushing through hard days. We all react differently to our illnesses and how we push through our days is different than the next person. For the most part, pushing through seems to be what helps me the most. With some days of rest and days where I still share to remind everyone "Hey, I do have an illness, no I am not better, but I am doing whatever I can to get through my days."

Do you find yourself pushing through your hard days more often than not? What are some negatives and positives you think comes with pushing through?

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