Constant Daily Pain: What Are My Options?

Every since I was 16, I remember getting cramps horrible during my period. Back in 2015 I kept going to all these different hospitals in mass New Hampshire to see what was wrong with me. I seen specialist and everything but everybody would give me different answers.

Finally a diagnosis

In 2016 my prayers were answered by a Doctor Who I found and he said I had endometriosis and immediately he said I had a level III endometriosis and schedule me for a laparoscopy we did my surgery and put in the IUD, Because he said that the IUD would also help control the pain. The recovery was pretty bad although after the recovery the IUD worked out pretty well although I was still having really bad pain after about three months of having it so I got the IUD removed because I was still in the hospital all the time with pain the IUD wasn’t helping much.

Then in 2020 I got my second endometriosis surgery for my Endo, the doctor said he was sure that he took it all out but he was going to go on a take a second look because I was still having the bad symptoms when he went in he said that all he seen was a bunch of scar tissue.

What are my options?

Not really sure where my options lie because Tylenol does nothing for my pain and he gave me stuff to relax my muscles but nothing has helped heating pads help sometimes but every day I’m in constant pain at least a 4 out of 10 that’s just how I live my life. I’m on the verge of trying to figure out what to do next because I have one daughter and I’m only 28 and I do want another child eventually down the road so I don’t wanna hysterectomy but I can’t deal with living with this pain every day.

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