I Won the Tiger Raffle

I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 25, after a complete month of pain I believed was some kind of colitis. A proper specialist said endometriosis surgery was the only option, which I underwent just a week after. Unfortunately for me and for many more, there is kind of a rule among gynecologists that says, "If she has not had a baby yet, do not extract anything. Just... try to clean."

Surgeon refused to remove ovary

I told my surgeon that I wanted my ovary out, because I really did not want to have another surgery. But when I woke up, he said that he didn't do that because I was too young and had no children. I was left without the right to decide over my own body, with a lot of pain and with the uncertainty of not knowing if any cyst was going to develop again.

My symptoms worsened

I really thought that the surgery was it, that my life was going to come back as normal, but how wrong I was, honey. Now, my period is a nightmare. It hurts as hell and it disables me from everything. Even breathing hurts. What was the surgery for?!! Sometimes I regret entering the OR.

Normalizing pain is the only way to cope

I am a scientist, so the first thing I did was to research, and after a couple of pages checking for articles, I realized how empty everything was. Not a known cause, not a known treatment, not a certain answer. It feels so discouraging for me, because my only "way" has been normalizing the pain I feel and dealing with "the fortune" I got.

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