I Am More than My Diagnosis

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2017 through a procedure. I began feeling sorry for myself, because I felt inadequate, that even if I met the right guy, I wouldn't be able to give him children. My doctor never said this. I had basically concluded this after reading and studying more on my diagnosis. I never once prayed, nor did I talk to God about any of this.

I deserve love

Well, it's now 2023 and I'm preparing for my second procedure. I have gained more clarity and understanding and I know, "I'm more than my diagnosis." I refuse to allow this disease to take over my life and my happiness. I deserve to be loved and I pray God will bless me with an amazing husband.

Adoption is always an option

I also have hope that, through my diagnosis, I may be able to have a healthy beautiful baby one day, but if not, there's a child who desires all the love I have to give, whether I give birth to them or not. My happiness matters. I truly believe God would not put a desire in our hearts if he never planned to fulfill it.

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