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Endometriosis from A to Z: A Comprehensive Handbook For Friends & Family

As an endometriosis patient, I was/am faced with lots of problems, from finding the right medical care to find the correct information that I can share with my family and friends so they can understand what I am going through. Endometriosis is one of the most complex conditions and due to the way it’s presenting, is not easy for an “outsider! to understand what we are going through.

As much as I tried explaining to my family and my closest friends they find it hard to believe why a baby, a hysterectomy and all the rest can’t cure endometriosis. My parents are not on social media, so all the information they know about endometriosis comes from google, meaning that almost most of the things they were reading about endometriosis are wrong.

So in my attempt to educate them, I have tried to compile a list of sites for them to read. It was quite hard to find sites that discuss endometriosis in detail and that the information is correct. Plus some articles are written in medical terminology and none of my family members is able to understand. Therefore, I have then looked for books on endometriosis. I have found quite a few and was again faced with a challenge, how do I know if the book is correct? How do I know if it’s easy to read and will it help my family to understand why what they know about endometriosis is wrong?

A few days after I saw a post on social media announcing the launch of a free endometriosis guide done by an endometriosis centre in collaboration with a group of endometriosis advocates. The handbook is called Endometriosis from A to Z and can be downloaded from google play.

It is a comprehensive book, discussing all aspects of endometriosis and is easy to read. It has 6 chapters and each one of them is about a specific topic on endometriosis. The book is not only for family and friends but for healthcare practitioners as well. After reading the patients stories, I think they are 6, my parents were socked. They find hard to believe that despite being such a common disease, not many people have heard about it and that patients have to go through multiple surgeries or that they have to travel to get the right care.

The book can be found here

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  • Endo Warrior moderator
    4 days ago

    Hi @endogirl, how awesome that you put together a book with resources to share. You are right: there is so little information about endometriosis out there and it’s a crime! Thank you for letting us know about this book.
    Christina – team member

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