Ally’s Journey

Hey guys!! My name is Ally and I was diagnosed with Endo when I was a senior in high school almost six years ago! My journey has not been easy and I’ve pushed it under the rug for quite some time HOWEVER I am done being silent. Endo has caused many many problems in my life. Growing up from the time my periods began, I always had to use the bathroom (like constantly) it was embarrassing, especially for someone in high school. I had my first lap done in Oct. of 2012. After that I was diagnosed with stage two and at the tome took birth control to manage the symptoms.

Fast forward about four years, my family and I moved to Delaware and my symptoms began to intensify. This time new symptoms arrived...I found my incredible team of doctors at RADFertility and went in for my second surgery. This time they found little Endo scaring which was great but my bladder was attached to my bowls and well that had to be fixed. I ended up going on hormones that just didn’t work for me so I decided to go back on birth control.

Dietary changes for the win!

Now two years later, constantly sick, a chronic yeast infection that would not go away, and hypoglycemic episodes, I knew I had to seek help. I decided to go back to RADFertility and see Dr. McQuirk. She ran tests and did a physical exam and told me I had type 2 diabetes that stemmed from Endo and well of course not so good eating habits. I was 40 lbs over weight and guys I’m only 5’1 so not good!! I made the changes she told me to make, cut out dairy, gluten, soy and sugar...started intermittent fasting (only eating between 11am and 7pm and keto) five months later and I am better than ever !!!! My yeast infection has cleared (never thought I’d say that), I’ve lost 30 lbs, and am feeling all around amazing. Of course some days are better than others but I am managing. I have been taking Orilissa, a new Endo drug and so far so good!!

Never be ashamed!

Guys my point in sharing my story is to let you everyone know that because I have Endo...I also have other issues that arise! Issues I never ever would have thought would stem from Endo. Never ever be ashamed of how you are feeling, never ever be ashamed of your body and keep fighting for yourself...always.

I am here to help anyone and everyone who needs it!!

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