Endometriosis affected my relationship

Last updated: August 2018

When I was suffering with endometriosis, I was like the proverbial frog in the boiling pot. Endometriosis slowly took over my life, and I had no idea how bad things had become until I had a hysterectomy to treat it. Endometriosis doesn't just impact you during the "time of the month". Sure, the most common sign that you are suffering from endometriosis is painful, heavy periods, but it doesn't stop there. Left unchecked for too long and the endometriosis spreads throughout your whole pelvic cavity, causing pain on a daily basis. Add to that the chronic fatigue and you can see how living with endometriosis becomes a miserable existence.

During the last years when my endometriosis became really bad, I lied to myself. I was afraid to seek medical help, because doctors had been dismissive of my pain ever since I first complained about it. I made myself believe that things weren't that bad, and that I could manage to live with it. Until I was in serious pain every day and a radical approach became inevitable.

Two years ago I had a full hysterectomy. A few weeks into my recovery I was astonished at how great I felt. And what was more, my husband and children remarked on how different I was. I was happier, more optimistic, full of energy (even though I was recovering from serious surgery). I didn't snap at the kids anymore and even before I was fully recovered, I craved sex.

I didn't realise how much of an affect my illness had on my relationship with my husband and kids until I was free of endometriosis. My relationship with my husband is now so much better and my kids are a lot happier and relaxed around me. It pains me to realise how much I missed out on during the years I was suffering and I wish I had sought treatment sooner.

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