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Endometriosis and My Life

I was only a teenager when endometriosis started placing hurdles in my life. Endometriosis still drastically impacted my life despite my young age when complications started.

Endometriosis has made emotional and mental scars along with physical ones. The person I was before endometriosis is a far cry from the person I am today.

The weather and flares

We are in hurricane season here in the southern coastal section of Texas. Hurricane season lasts from June 1st to November 30th. Unfortunately, this means we have a lot of rain systems that will come through our area.

These systems are much like the one I am dealing with now. For the last several hours, a thunderstorm has been raging outside.

The thunder is so loud that it causes my dog to jump every time. The lightning also causes momentary light to take over the living room.

My body is reacting to the changes in the barometric pressure. My head has presented a migraine, and my endometriosis has started to ache in my abdomen severely.

The endometrial tissue implanted in my abdomen has become inflamed due to the air pressure in the atmosphere decreasing. This causes more inflammation, which causes more pain.

For me, the pain presents itself in my abdomen and my lower back.

Due to this, I am curled up with a heating pad and a cup of hot tea. The heat has always helped ease some pain due to an endometriosis flare.

The plans that I had for the day no longer matter. I can only focus on managing my weather-induced pain.

Life before was easy

Before endometriosis affected my life, I spent much time dancing. For a period, I even did some modeling.

I took studio classes and later participated in the high school drill team. The drill team I was in performed at football games and competed in various competitions.

At home, we busy outdoor lives as well. My family had horses and cows. We rode the horses, and on some weekends, we barrel-raced our horses.

Endometriosis has changed me

Sometimes, I cannot help but miss the version of myself before my severe endometriosis. I miss the girl who could dance for hours without pain; I miss the “me” that found peace under a tin roof while a thunderstorm passed through the neighborhood.

The version of me that could be outside on the farm all day and not want to die from endometriosis pain.

Endometriosis has created limitations in so many aspects of my life. Despite being married, I could never have kids of my own. I was able to be a stepmother and a legal guardian for several years.

I have made peace with my infertility. Despite this, I have days when something inside of me craves a child's love in a motherly way instead of just as an aunt.

Endometriosis has taught me to plan for every little thing. This includes trying to get home. I ensure that when I park, so I do not get boxed in when I go somewhere.

I always have medication or a kit in my car. Just in case.

Has endometriosis changed you from your pre-endometriosis self?

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