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Money Matters: How Income Impacts The Endometriosis Experience

Every year, we conduct our Endometriosis In America survey to learn more about how endometriosis is treated and managed by endo warriors all over the country. From quality of life and coping to treatment experiences, our endometriosis community members share the truth about life with endo.

In 2020, we learned a lot how endo impacts day-to-day life, from stories of deep infiltrative endometriosis, to sex & intimacy, and even regrets about treatment. But, one area that stood-out is household income, and more specifically, how the endometriosis experience varies from woman to woman based on income.

Our survey takers

Of our 1,234 survey takers, 52% have a household income (HHI) less than $55,000. Additionally, 56% have a college education, and 7 in 10 are employed. (See below for more.)

But, how does household income impact the endometriosis experience? Treating and managing endometriosis can be expensive, so, what does it all mean for women with endo? When looking at household income, we saw some significant differences in endometriosis beliefs.

Endo experiences by income

Compared to those with a household income above $75,000, survey takers with a HHI below $75,000 are more likely to*:

  • Believe that a hysterectomy can treat endometriosis symptoms
  • Seek out information about the latest medications
  • Say that endo makes them feel like giving up
  • Feel that people think their symptoms are “all in their head”
  • Feel like they have been unsuccessful in controlling their endometriosis pain

*Top 2 responses on 7pt scale

Facing inequalities

Like with most health conditions, sadly, income differences and inequalities can lead to unequal access to treatment and care. While the income differences we found related mostly to how endo warriors understand, research, and feel about their endo, household income shouldn’t stop any woman from getting high-quality the care. In fact, research shows that earlier diagnosis and treatment can also save money for patients, healthcare providers, and insurers!

Have you struggled with endometriosis costs?

Financial resources and support

If you are concerned about the financial burdens of endometriosis, please consider checking-out some of the articles below. You can also comment below to share your story, or connect with the endometriosis community.

Demographics: Household income reported by survey takers
27% have a HHI below $30,000
25% have a HHI of $30,000-54,999
16% have a HHI of $55,000-74,999
13% have a HHI of $75,000-99,999
13% have a HHI of $100,000-149,999
4% have a HHI of $100,000-199,999
2% have a HHI of $200,000 or more

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