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My Latest Grocery Find: Healthy and Cheap

Since going gluten and grain-free, I feel so much better in my body. I'm less bloated, my digestive system (and elimination) has improved, and I've even lost a few pounds.

Diet considerations

But I know that when I eliminate something from my diet, I have to be really intentional with what I'm putting in my diet. So in place of gluten and grains, I've gotten really creative with veggie alternatives. My favorite is cauliflower. I can mash it. I can rice it. I can even blend it in a smoothie.

Eating healthy... on a budget

I found out pretty quickly that there's an expensive way to buy cauliflower and there's a cheap way to buy it. I picked up a new find at the grocery store this weekend that is both healthy and cheap. Frozen, riced cauliflower! Thank you, Birds Eye, for this gem. And while I haven't tried them yet, they have several other riced and spiralized veggies as well.

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