Endometriosis and How It Has Changed Me As a Person

Endometriosis has changed me. It's as simple as that.

I am not the same person I was years before my diagnosis. Honestly, I don't 100% remember who I was before endometriosis, but there are bits and pieces of my life that I can say, without a doubt, have changed.

I told myself I wouldn't let endometriosis define who I am. And it's true.

I am not endometriosis per se. But at the same time, endometriosis really has helped define who I am.
Confusing right?

I think what I am trying to say is that I wouldn't let endometriosis be all of me. But it sure has become a lot of me.

As grueling as having endometriosis is, I have found myself proud (for the most part) of how it has changed me.

Personal growth and transformation because of endometriosis


It amazes me how much having a chronic illness has matured me. The things I used to think were so important to me (or even not important to me) have changed.

I no longer prioritize needing alcohol when I go out. I no longer prioritize needing to eat junk food all the time.

Eating a healthier diet is now my number one priority. Do I still have a glass of champagne or that delicious cupcake every now and again? Yep. But making better decisions when it comes to food and drinking is what I focus the most on.

Prioritizing myself is now something I do way more of too. It was something I don't think I ever did before.

I used to feel like I had to be available to everyone. To attend every event I was invited to. To push down any anger, sadness, or hardships I was going through.

Now, I have learned to set boundaries. I have learned when my body needs me to say no, I am staying home today.

Something I am very proud of is starting therapy. My mental health always took a backseat, and I am no longer allowing that.


Endometriosis sure did let it be known that the whole 9-5 thing wasn't for me anymore. I loved my job as a behavior therapist, but I just could not do it anymore.

Even though I was sad about that, I also found excitement because endometriosis pushed me to create a business of my own. Something I had never envisioned myself being capable of.

Being forced into this new scenario actually gave me confidence and the ability to see I could truly do anything, no matter what. I really feel endometriosis has made me become a more confident person all around.

At least in that sense. I am still working, on the whole, being confident in my body.


Being diagnosed with endometriosis has really changed a lot of the relationships in my life. I have lost friends and family but, at the same time, have gained friends and family.

I have never had so many amazing friends (even if a lot of them are social media friends) in my life. I feel like this has opened me up to come out of my shell a lot.

I'm still a little shy, but at the same time have found that outgoing piece of me I knew I always had. And now, I truly enjoy sharing it with the world.

Family Planning

This one is hard. It may not be my favorite thing about how endometriosis has changed me as a person. But, it needs to be included.

Endometriosis has taken the chance of me becoming a mother. At least with a child my husband and I created on our own.

Endometriosis has also given me this beautiful opportunity to adopt a sweet child who needs someone to love and protect them. Although I am not ready to go down that journey yet, it warms my heart that God has put that trust in me.

It doesn't mean I have fully finished grieving the fact I could never be pregnant with my own child. But knowing I could love and help another child out there helps.

My Feelings

I didn't know how to title this one because there is so much I want to add here. So I just called it my feelings.

Endometriosis has changed how I look at others. Instead of judgment, I now show compassion and love.

I now understand the "you never know what someone else is going through" phrase. I have noticed I am also way more grateful for things in my life, and I certainly do not take anything for granted anymore.

Endometriosis also has helped me find my voice. To not be afraid to stand up, speak out, and fight for what I need or deserve.

While having this disease has certainly also made me find way more reasons to cry, I have also found even more reasons to be happy and appreciative.

Endometriosis really has changed me for the better. I wish I did not have to deal with all the symptoms and surgeries.

But I am so grateful for the person it has let me become: a strong warrior ready to fight this battle every single day!

I have been shown over and over again how much strength I really have. That I am not the weak person I used to think I was. I hope you are able to see the strength and beautiful changes in you TOO.

How has endometriosis changed you as a person?

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