Trying to Conceive: Remember Your “Why”

The road to conceiving a baby can be a long one. Like months and sometimes even years long. It’s not the case for everyone, but there are more people than we know who struggle with fertility.

Unfortunately, many of us are struggling in silence.

Isn’t a topic that many women talk about. It’s one of the countless reasons I’m so grateful that us endosisters can connect here in this community.

We are not meant to go through life, especially struggles, alone. There is an innate aspect of being human that craves a sense of community.

So certainly, staying connected will be helpful. The fact that you’re reading this post means that you’ve connected with one of the best places for endosisters to be.

The bottom line is that fertility struggles aren’t easy so we need community and tools to ease the process. We’ve talked a bit about community, so let’s dive into understanding your “why.”

Why are you doing fertility treatments?

The obvious answer is because you want to get pregnant and have a baby. But I invite you to dig a little deeper.

What is it about having a baby and experiencing motherhood that is meaningful to you?

The answer will be unique to you because it’s about what you’ll find fulfillment in during your journey with motherhood. And if you’re not a Mom yet, there will certainly be aspects of motherhood that we can’t envision or predict in advance, but there likely is some reason tugging at your heart to have a baby.

If you’re struggling to know you’re “why” but like the idea of exploring it, there many approaches that you can take to discover it.


Journaling is a great exercise to encourage deeper thought and reflection. Grab a pen and notebook (Did you know that writing versing typing on a computer has been suggested to be more effective for personal reflection?) and just write.

It doesn’t have to be organized or meaningful. At the first start, just get words on paper without judging them in any way.

In time, you might find yourself finding better clarity with your thoughts and discovering the meaningful aspects of motherhood.


If writing isn’t your thing, many people find great clarity, while exercising outdoors. It could be a walk, run, or bike ride.

The exercise doesn’t matter, it’s the act of getting outside and moving your body. You may have a big a-ha during your exercise, or many people find clarity moments after their exercise.

And of course, whatever you do consistently will bring the greatest benefits, so schedule it a couple of times a week.


Yet another option could be through meditation, breathwork, or prayer. The idea of stilling the body and the mind in time can bring clarity.

This exercise isn’t intended to be stressful or add another task to your to-do list. Taking some time to ponder your why can help you to connect with an energy that is positive and light.

It can help you navigate the challenging days a bit easier.

If you know your own "why", share it below! We’d love to know and celebrate it with you.

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