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What natural interventions have you found work for your flares?

I want to know what tools people use to manage pain? It's always good to have a strong list of options when the pain hits.
Here are some I use on the regular:
-Tens Machine
-CBD drops under the tongue
-Topical THC cream
-Raspberries/Dark Chocolate
-My dog
-Heating Pad

  1. Those are all fantastic remedies. I adore my TENS unit, best purchase ever. And I also have a dog that likes to spoon (he is tiny) whenever I am not well. His breathing is soothing, his fur super soft, and just the fact that he knows I am not OK and accepts it without judgment makes me feel comforted 😀 – Jessie (team member)

    1. hi! Thank you for sharing the remedies you use! I would have to say I use most of those as well and find them so very helpful. My TENS unit is certainly my baby. May I ask, what is Moxa!? -Kimberli (team member)

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