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What is an “Endo Belly”?

I've heard this term, "Endo Belly", but I'm not positive what it is?

  1. An "endo tummy" is when a woman's abdomen (or belly area) is bloated. Many women are often mistaken for being pregnant due to the bloated appearance.
    Sometimes the swelling can be due to the inflamed endometrial tissue or related to an imbalance of gut bacteria. Unfortunately, an Endo Belly is often mistaken for IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and is not taken seriously by many medical practitioners.

    1. Endo belly truly is the worst! For so long doctors kept trying to tell me it was IBS! But I knew something more was wrong. I have also had a few run ins of people asking me if I was pregnant! That truly is such a rude question to ask a woman! Endometriosis sure does come with its ups and downs for sure. But it is comforting knowing we are not alone and have a community of others who understand! -Kimberli (Team Member)

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