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Traveling for IVF during the pandemic

Hello, I've already made a successful surrogacy journey in the past. Now my Lizzy is 3yo. I'm happy, but I want more!
I'm an Italian woman and I visited a clinic in Ukraine. It was awesome there. Want to travel to the same clinic, but I know about that freakin virus!!🙁
Don't you know anything about this? Feels like I can't wait anymore.

  1. Hello, Jeany. I don't think that this clinic is the best. I also made it there, but I remember that it was not very comfortable there. I am an introvert and, for you to know, there was almost impossible there to stay alone (and I don't mean the presence of my spouse).
    All that queues in the hospital, all the children cry in their hotel.
    That may sound funny, but did you tried a Mociato in their coffee boxes? The taste of it, that what's funny.
    I think it's a good idea to search for more comfortable clinics. Don't you think so?

    1. Firstly, my cardial congrats with your surrogacy success. As far as I know surrogacy in Ukraine is available for heterosexual married couples only, right? I myself have been through egg donation ivf. What I liked the most about the country and our btc was the package variety. We found which suited out pocket, I believe lots of IP have what to choose from. May I ask, how much did it cost you? Also how many tries did it take your surro to conceive? Any hidden costs? Anything you believe one should know beforehand? I'm asking for my bestie with MRKH. Thanks.

      1. , I'm sorry you experienced things this way. It might be difficult to deal with any procedure if you're an introvert by nature. Still I don't think queues in a fertility clinic is a bad sign. As well as babies crying in the hotel. Not patronizing, but it's absolutely great to see lots of people come for help to a place and then prepare to return home with their LOs. I also woudln't feel sad about Mociato from their coffee box or sth. This was truly the last thing for us to think of. What's the name of your clinic? Is it ok to ask?
        I hope things are getting well for you.

        1. Hi . Just wanted to say, I hope whatever clinic you end up at, all goes well! We are thinking of you and sending healthy, safe vibes your way. Do keep us posted❤-Kimberli (Team Member)

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