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Unsolicited Advice

“Do a smoothie cleanse, it will get rid of the “toxic estrogen” in your body”

"If you just lose weight and eat right, you'll be fine."

"Everyone has pain with their periods, that's why they're called cramps!"

"If you get pregnant, the pain will go away."

We know that many people have the best intentions when it comes to handing out advice or anecdotes to those with chronic illnesses. Many times they just want to help or offer a bit of kindness to try and uplift those with endometriosis.

But sometimes, these well-intentioned pieces of advice fall flat and just translate as unhelpful, hurtful, and ignorant.

What's been a piece of unsolicited advice about endometriosis that you've received?

  1. At this point in my life, I believe I have heard everything you can imagine. This includes the list that you listed at the start of this post. But I have also been told that it is all in my head because I am depressed. I also had family members assume that I was on a lot of medications and tell me that I needed to detox.

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