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Could it be Endometriosis?

I’ve been going to doctor after doctor for two years trying to find the root of my abdominal pain and still have zero answers. The past year I’ve started getting random stabbing pains in my bladder, up to my belly button that usually only last a couple seconds but sometimes is so bad I can’t even move and if I do, the pain becomes 10x worse. It’s weird because this pain is so random, sometimes I’ll get it every day for a week and sometimes it’ll only happen once in two weeks. & In the past two years I’ve been having many GI issues like painful/trapped gas, pain while going #2 to where I can’t even push and just stop & bloating almost every day & just random stabbing pains.

Numerous Tests

I’ve gotten an MRI that came back mostly normal (just a small lesion on my liver), a colonoscopy that came back normal, a CT that was normal, many blood, stool and urine tests that always come back normal. The two ultrasounds were normal, besides the ovarian cyst they found both times but they said it was small enough to not cause any symptoms and said it’ll clear up on its own.

Before I get a lap, has anyone else had these GI symptoms?

My GI specialist suggested seeing a urologist as my next step and also mentioned endometriosis could be the cause of the pain but at that point I thought my pain had to do with my GI tract. The midwife I saw (on accident, I thought she was an OBGYN) said that the only way to know for sure was to do a laparoscopy but I’d want to be sure before I did it. Has anyone else had these kind of symptoms that related to endometriosis? I’ve read that it can cause bladder and bowel problems but I also do not have super heavy or painful periods so I’m so torn on what to do next & if I should just schedule an appointment with an OBGYN and get the laparoscopy done.

  1. Hi , I first would like to officially welcome you to the community! It is great that you have already jumped in to connect w/our members by asking this question.

    Secondly, I am truly sorry that you are not getting answers to the concerning pain that you are experiencing. Kudos to you however for being so very proactive in your health & continuing to get to the root cause.

    While we cannot provide you with medical advice as we are not qualified healthcare professionals, I can share that endo may cause bladder & bowel pain/issues. Let me share some resources with you.

    A Laparoscopy is considered the "gold standard" to obtaining an official diagnosis, which of course I can understand is a lot to consider. You can read more about that here. Have any of your doctors discussed exploring dietary changes prior to a lap? For many women living w/endo, diet plays a big role and can help to ease pain, symptoms & bloating. This article may help if you'd like to check it out here.

    Finally, while having a heavy period is a common symptom of endo, it is not the case for all women.

    I understand I have shared quite a few resources with you, but hopefully others from the community will be along to share their personal feedback & experiences as well. Personally for me, when I was first diagnosed with endo, I did not experience any bowel pain, but too began experiencing sudden pain about two years ago. Certainly very frustrating & painful, but thankfully for me...the pain has decreased a bit just over these past few months. Fingers crossed I stay on that path.

    Will you do us a favor & keep us posted & let us know how things progress? Know we are always here...reach out anytime!

    1. Hello . Yes, I am one of those with endometriosis who has also suffered from GI issues for years. But I must add, no doctor has connected them to my endometriosis. One doctor said I suffer from these because I overdid it with painkillers for years, trying to manage my pain levels. Another said I was just “made that way”. So I cannot say for sure of my GI issues are linked to having endometriosis. It is a known symptom, but echoing what my lovely colleague said, a laparoscopy would be the only way to really ensure an endometriosis diagnosis.

      I have managed my GI mainly through a very carefully controlled diet. This has been able to provide me with some relief. Mainly I avoid inflammatory foods and anything that my body cannot digest well. But I did this assisted by a dietician, who was able to point me in the right direction and made sure I ate what my body needed to stay healthy.

      I hope this helps. Please keep us posted on what you do next, and take good care of yourself. - Jessie (team member)

      1. - I had GI symptoms for years, before ever knowing endometriosis was wreaking havoc in my body! Colonoscopies, scans, blood work, would always come back perfect. So doctors were always stumped and would say I just had IBS.

        I always knew something more was going on with my body though. So I kept fighting for answers. Finally had surgery and found I did have endometriosis. I don't know 100% if that is what caused my GI issues, but I do know I felt a bit better after surgery.

        I had seen a urologist as well. Blood work, urine all came back fine. We were set for a procedure but I moved and never got it done. Just a few months ago I ended up seeing an endometriosis specialist, and he told me the bladder issues I am experiencing is IC (this article shares a little bit about IC -

        My best bet is to manage everything through diet change. And it is hard since some things bother endo and IC differently. But it is a work in progress and the only way I can control everything.

        I cannot offer medical advice, but from what I experienced with both bladder and GI issues, I know endo can be the culprit to both of those. I think the only way for you to know for sure what is going on would be to have the lap. If you can, I would search for an endometriosis specialist. Nancy's Nook-a FB group- lists many specialists in specific locations and surrounding areas. You may want to start there.

        Please know we are thinking of you and hoping you can find answers and relief soon. Reach out anytime you need to chat or have questions. We are always here! -Kimberli (team member)

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