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Seeking similar period horror stories!

I am 7 mo post c section and had the worst period of my life! I started to vomit and have extreme upper stomach pain the day my period started. The pain was so bad I fought the overwhelming urge to go to the ER. I got an U/S of my upper abdomen so it wasn’t gallstones or pancreatitis. The pain was in my upper abdomen and went through my back; I had no clue my period caused this!! I couldn’t even eat solids for a week because of my stomach pain and could barely walk. It disappeared after my period stopped. Anyone else have similar stories? I haven’t been officially diagnosed but I’m extremely worried. What do I do??

  1. Oh my . That certainly does sound like a scary situation for sure. I have had a few episodes like that, throwing up, stomach pain and would end up in the ER. Each time they would think it was my appendix. But it never turned out to be that. The last time that happened they thought it was just a kidney stone passing. But now that I know what I know today, I truly believe it was endometriosis all along. Because like you, it all stopped once my period came/gone. I know it is normal to be worried but try not to think that way. I know being worried causes my symptoms to flare up even worse. If you have not reached out to an endometriosis specialist yet, I definitely would recommend starting there. Nancy's Nook on FB, is a great group that offers a list of specialists you can search for in your specific area or surrounding locations. A specialist may be able to better assist you than just a GYN or the ER. Hoping this was helpful and you can find some relief soon <3 Here if you need to talk or have any other questions. -Kimberli (Team Member)

    1. Hi there , wanted to check in on you and see how you are doing! -Kimberli (Team Member)

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