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Do you have advice for pregnancy loss & suspected endometriosis?

So I'm on my 4th loss, I have cysts on my right ovary, I suffer with dreadful ovulation pain, if hurts to have a bowel movement and even sit down, my periods also effect my bowels pain pretty much every where from waste down, deep sex is painful,

I've always had blood in my urine and Ive suffered with my bowels nearly all my life and its only just clicking into place that it could be endometriosis as suggested by a gynecologist Any help and advice would be very appreciated thank you

  1. Oh , so very sorry to hear what you are dealing with. Sending you gentle hugs. If you have not seen an endometriosis specialist yet, that is what I would recommend. Talk to them. Surgery is the only way to definitely diagnosis endometriosis and excision surgery is the gold standard treatment (done by a specialist). Of course this does not cure it, but it will give you answers and for many women, it helps them find relief and sometimes has even helped women with becoming pregnant. That is not promised though and something to definitely talk to your doctor with. Or even an infertility specialist. If you are on FB, check out Nancy's Nook- she offers a list of endometriosis specialists that you can search for in your specific area or surrounding locations. Also here are some articles that may be helpful about surgery, etc.

    Hoping you find these helpful. Please know you are not alone and we certainly are here for you to talk and answer any questions you may have. But we sure do hope you can find some answers from your doctor as well <3 -Kimberli (Team Member)

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