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Post Surgery Abdominal Binder Recommendations

Hello All,

Need recommendation on which Abdominal Binder to purchase post robotic myomectomy/ laparoscopy/ endometriosis surgery.
Hospital provided: “Brand: “dj Orthopedics, LLC, Size: Universal 30”-45””. I’ve been wearing it for 3 weeks and it’s getting stretched out. I feel that this particular brand is too tall in length as it is a constant struggle to position the abdominal binder so that it is not pushing up against my breasts or covering a large portion of my butt. Please note my surgeon has recommended I wear the abdominal binder for 6-8 weeks.
Also, did you wear it under your clothes or over? Any other tips or suggestions regarding the abdominal binder.

Thank you!!

  1. Hi there . I just wanted to check in and see if you were ever able to find a binder that worked well for you. I was suppose to get one after my surgery, but never did. A few people recommended some from Amazon! Hopefully you found what you needed and you are doing well! -Kimberli (Team Member)

    1. hi there warrior! I wanted to swing by and see how you have been doing? We hope well! Sending hugs 😀 -Kimberli (team member)

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