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What are some of the issues faced with endometriosis and menopause?

How do you get your OB/Gyn and Gp to look for possible interactions with endometriosis and other organs in the body not associated with the female anatomy (ex. kidneys, spine, bladder, etc.)?

  1. Hi there , Great question & one we hear very often in our community. Unfortunately, when it comes to our health, we have to be our best advocate & push for care. Far too often our pain or concerns are dismissed or not taken seriously. If your doctor is not actively listening & providing you with proper care by exploring your voiced concerns, I would encourage you to find another doctor.

    Personally, I have come a long way with my Ob/Gyn. Once I began going to my appointments prepared, but outlining my questions, concerns, symptoms, pain, etc. that I was experiencing (I had written notes) at each visit, she became very proactive & willing to address/explore my concerns (i.e. blood tests, ultrasounds, etc) for other parts not not associated with the female anatomy.

    Let me share some resources with you that might help:

    I hope this helps & hopefully others from the community will be along to possibly share their experiences. Good luck & keep us posted if you can!

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