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Period after laproscopy

New to the forum 😉 howdy!

Feeling a little desperate for answers as I lay in bed at 5am....this is the 3rd time the pain had woken me up since 1am. So I had a laproscopy on 24th May and was diagnosed with moderate endo, ovarian cysts, a partial obliteration of the pouch of Douglas and numerous fibroids. To be honest I have been lucky, other than the most horrendous period pain each month every month...same time on the dot- I have never really suffered with endo pain during the month between periods. The laproscopy was diagnostic since I hadn't been getting pregnant following fertility treatment. But here I now am- on my 2nd period in 1 month post surgery. So the first period came on 9th june (earlier than usual) and then yesterday 28th June. As I've never suffered with endo pain I just assume this is a period. I am bleeding like a regular period and the pains arent different to usual...but is this normal to have 2 cycles in one month or should I have this checked out? Amazon are delivering a tens machine today (prime- you are a saviour)- praying this takes the edge off as painkillers dont seem to be having much affect this time around.

Sorry for the long post- not due for post surgery follow up until 15th July- so do I ride it out until then assuming it's normal or should I maybe seek some advice?

Interested to hear other peoples experiences with this...


  1. Hi , it sounds like you are going through a lot right now. Unfortunately we aren't medical professionals and cannot give out medical advice but I would say if you are experiencing something that doesn't feel normal to you, then it's worth a call to the doctor to get some answers. If you explain what is happening, they might not make you come in for an appointment but can at least give you some insight or point you in a direction as you wait for your post-op appointment on the 15th. I am including some articles here for you to check out if you'd like on some people's experiences post-laparoscopy in the meantime:

    This is actually a Facebook post of ours discussing post-op laparoscopy with a bunch of community members commenting in:

    This is another FB post where we asked our community members: "What was your pain like after laparoscopic surgery and how long did it last?
    What would you tell those that haven't had it to expect?" We got quite a few responses from community members on this that might be helpful to you as well. ->an article on recovering from laparoscopy.

    I really hope that helps dear, Sarah. Please keep us posted on how you're feeling and what you choose to do. We'll be thinking of you. 💛 Kayleigh, team

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