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Pain in right leg after ovulation

Dear women,
I am new on this forum.I had endometriosis surgery on left ovary last year in May.I had no sympthoms(just heavy bkeedings and pain,but I taught it is normal...) and it was accidentally discovered.But no matter of my endo,I have whole life pain in right leg right after ovulation till my period.Doctors can not explain and sometimes it really bothers me.
Does anyone have the same experience!
Thank you! <3

  1. I am having a similar thing! I was on BC pills for about ten years, this year I got a lap and excision, where I was diagnosed with stage ne endo and given an IUD. I have since ovulated for the first time in FOREVER and got cramps and pain in my right leg. I am waiting to see if it calms down a bit after my body gets used to ovulating. I feel like I have had some sort of MEGA ovulation right now.
    Have you looked into sciatic nerve? That often causes pain in your legs.

    1. Baxter3931 Maybe it is sciatic nerve, I read about it now and it makes sense. I read about herbs and natural ways of healing and I started using tincture drops from Alchemilla vulgaris for one month and it really helped me with previous pms, period was light and I had no pain in leg for the first time in my life. Also I am taking now Vitex supplement. Try it instead of pills. Doctors never recommend natural ways of healing something, they are just recommending those pharmaceutical poisons and surgeries.
      I don't know is it coincidence or it really works for me, but I will continue and see.

      1. , thank you for your comment! We're so glad you found something that helps you. We wish you all the best in continuing to find relief!

        I wanted to provide some more information about endometriosis-related leg pain, in case it's helpful. Wishing you and all the best! Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help in any way.

        Juliana, Team

      2. Thank you so much for sharing those links with me <3

    2. I wanted to add that I've suffered from the same pain you describe. The things that have helped in my case were acupuncture (targetting my leg), doing some yoga and stretching before going to bed (it tends to bother me at night), and finally a weighted blanket. I also had a very helpful physio that knows about endometriosis give me some tips on how to manage it, so it may be worth asking around where you live for a similar kind of health professional. I hope this helps - Jessie (team member)

      1. Thank you so much for helpful infos! <3

    3. You are so welcome, . Have a wonderful day - Jessie (team member)

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